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September 21, 2011, 9:08 am
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Making price irrelevant…

The Daymaker Revolution –

Do you have a great book that every so often you pick up and read to re-inspire you? Well mine is, Life as a Daymaker, by David Wagner. You have probably heard me share stories from the book in my presentations or read about it in my first book, Secret Service. I am actually reading it again right now,

because it is one of those easy-to-read books that heightens the awareness of how I want to be. It makes me more intentional. One can find ways, easy simple ways, to make people’s day (even strangers) in

David Wagner 
David Wagner

just a few seconds. I always joke that one of the worst things I ever did was read the book to my three boys, Johnni, Cal and Bo. The book has these great examples of things like– pay the $1.00 toll of the person behind you that you have never met before. That example has cost me over $100, because one of my boys reminds me every time we are on the turnpike. Think about the last time you were a Daymaker. I hope it was recently. Did you make someone’sday, where it couldn’t come back to benefit you directly? Who felt the best at the end of the day? The Daymaker always does. When we work in companies that inspire day-making experiences, it gives autonomy to their employees without needing permission to ‘wow’ a customer or co-worker, and you no longer have people who are working a shift, trading hours for dollars. They have a purpose, a reason to come to work, and a reason to run home and tell their family, “You wouldn’t believe what I got to do today…”


An Amazing Valet Attendant – I saw David Wagner, author of Life as a Daymaker, speak for the first time back in April 1994, and that was the day I said, “I want to be him! I want to do what he does.” That is when I knew I wanted to start speaking and hoped that maybe one day, I could give a little of what he gave me and the audience that day. I have seen David speak over 40 times since then, just Life as A Daymakerrecently two months ago, and I still get the same buzz from his message. He started the Daymaker revolution, which in itself is an amazing story. One of my favorite stories about David is when he talks about how he wanted a job at a certain company so badly when he graduated from school, but the only position they were hiring for was Valet Attendant, which wasn’t what he went to school for.  


Regardless, he took the job and within weeks was the best valet attendant the company ever had. This lead to him being promoted and then recommended for a training position that matched his education goal. And he got promoted again, and again, until he was the General Manager of the business. He then purchased the business and opened up several more locations in Minneapolis and California. He then wrote a book called Life as a Daymaker, which became an instant best seller. His next move was to Maui. David says the reason for his success is that he parked cars very, very well.


Chief Daymaker Officer – I am thrilled for all of you to have an opportunity to hear David Wagner live at this year’s 2011 Secret Service Summit November 3rd & 4th in Cleveland. And because of the impact Life as a Daymaker has had on me, we are giving every person that registers for the Summit a complimentary copy of the book.


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Quote of the week –

The only ones who enjoy when your company delivers bad service are your competitors


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