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Clicks and Mortar | The Answer is NO
August 31, 2016, 5:11 am
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Clicks and Mortar

The past five years appeared to be the beginning of the end for brick- and-mortar retailers. Sales were shifting to e-commerce and physical stores were closing at an epic rate. However, something that most didn’t see coming, the retail pendulum is shifting again. It is called “clicks and mortar”, which combines in-store and online shopping. Amazon and Google are opening up brick-and-mortar stores.

Hugo Boss is teaming up with Uber to create “Boss On Demand.” It consists of three major services: Effortless Shopping, Impeccable Service and Inside Access. A car will pick up the client and deliver them to the appointment with a Hugo Boss stylist, allowing them to stay productive, return calls, hammer out emails and not worry about parking. Hugo Boss will also use Uber for its rush service. Did you spill soup on your shirt at lunch? Hugo Boss can Uber you a new one within an hour. Boss now offers free two-day shipping, and allows customers to designate a retail outlet to pick up alterations. It also means better profits for brands, according to a recent report by ContactLab and Exane BNP Paribas. Those who shop in-store and online spend 50% more in a year than those who buy in bricks-and-mortar alone.

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Cabela’s Customer Experience Stops Traffic | Hireology Offers Solution to Hiring Problems
Brick & Mortar Competing in Experience Wars

“I think it’s incumbent upon the responsibility of retailers
to create these fantastic experiences that’s going to sweep them away.”

~Howard Schultz

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Tony Goins, EVP at Cabela’s, invited me to attend Cabela’s grand opening in Avon, Ohio. The grand opening didn’t start until 10 a.m., however, Tony suggested I get there by 8 a.m. As I got close to the address, I assumed there was some sort of accident ahead. There was a long line of bumper-to-bumper traffic and several police cars. After barely moving for several minutes, I realized it wasn’t due to an accident. All the traffic was from several thousands of people waiting in the Cleveland August heat for the new Cabela’s to open. I later found out people had literally been camped out for days to be one of the first 500 to enter the new store.

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Do You Suffer From RBF Syndrome?
The RBF Syndrome

RBF Poster Girl Anna Kendrick

For those who may not be aware, RBF is a face that, when at ease, is perceived as angry, irritated or simply … expressionless. It is popularly known as RBF (resting bitch face). It is commonly caused when a person makes a face, unaware, when thinking hard about something, in a zone, but perceived as unapproachable. There is even a Public Service Announcement regarding RBF.


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A Milkshake Becomes an Icon of Superior Customer Experience
The Answer’s Yes

I hate the word “NO!” I can’t believe how many people from so many companies use it. It should be stricken from the English vocabulary. That may be a little severe, but it certainly should be stricken from any Customer interacting employee’s vocabulary. I was speaking at a prominent hotel in Las Vegas and ordered room service when I got to my room. When asked if I wanted fries or coleslaw as my side, I inquired if I could have a side of fruit. The person’s response was a quick and unfriendly “NO, fries or coleslaw?” Since fruit is offered as a dish on the menu, NO was obviously not the correct answer. A more Customer friendly answer may have been, “certainly, while you cannot substitute the fruit for your side dish, I can add it to your order if you would like.”

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Pokémon GO is a Business Game Changer | Chick-fil-A #1 Again
August 3, 2016, 6:27 am
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Is Pokémon The Future Of Customer Experience?

Pokemania is spreading like wildfire. Pokémon GO, the hot new Augmented Reality (AR) game is not just another hot game on that market. What is most interesting is that it is a cultural phenomenon that blends reality with game play. While gamers see it as just another way to play games, business owners have quickly seen the opportunities of incorporating their real life business inside the game environment. Many businesses are reaping huge benefits by paying to have Pokémon located inside their business – which attracts players who want to catch it. A pizzeria in Queens, NY claims they are getting new customers all day trying to capture Pokémon. Now I know what some of you are saying, “I don’t want a bunch of people walking into my business without intentions of purchasing anything.” That mentality drives me crazy. Read my past eService about two totally different philosophies regarding foot traffic, titled Foot Traffic pays off if you have trust.


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Willy Wonka of Coffee | Miracle on the Hudson
Starbucks Opening Up Even More Upscale Brand

Starbucks has been the standard on what a coffee experience should be and are already the most expensive. CEO Howard Schultz feels he can truly make price irrelevant. The company announced that they will be launching a new chain called Starbucks Reserve-only in 2017. “We recognize our customers expect and desire a higher level of product and we want to give it to them,” Schultz said.



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Are You Uber Proof? | Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs
Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs

Remember when we used to hear Prince’s song Party like it’s 1999 and it seemed so far into the future. How about year 2020? Well it is just about here, less than three and half years away. Like the show The Jetsons, it is now a reality. Today, robots assemble our cars and move Amazon fulfillment center shelves around. Many Customers get irritated when talking to Customer service reps who seem to just be going through the motions, giving us scripted answers, rushing because they are trying to adhere to their allowed time per call. If you think that is bad, just wait –the future is here. Within a few short years, we will be talking to actual robots working in contact centers. Many companies that run outsourced call centers are working towards turning these jobs over to machines. An article that appeared in The Consumerist titled As Expected, Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs, tells how advances in artificial intelligence will mean that call center representatives and chat representatives can be replaced with cheap and reliable workers who don’t need sleep or meal breaks.

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