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Are You Uber Proof? | Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs
Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs

Remember when we used to hear Prince’s song Party like it’s 1999 and it seemed so far into the future. How about year 2020? Well it is just about here, less than three and half years away. Like the show The Jetsons, it is now a reality. Today, robots assemble our cars and move Amazon fulfillment center shelves around. Many Customers get irritated when talking to Customer service reps who seem to just be going through the motions, giving us scripted answers, rushing because they are trying to adhere to their allowed time per call. If you think that is bad, just wait –the future is here. Within a few short years, we will be talking to actual robots working in contact centers. Many companies that run outsourced call centers are working towards turning these jobs over to machines. An article that appeared in The Consumerist titled As Expected, Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs, tells how advances in artificial intelligence will mean that call center representatives and chat representatives can be replaced with cheap and reliable workers who don’t need sleep or meal breaks.

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Every industry has an UBER coming
February 17, 2016, 7:03 am
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Uber Fast Response

What is your company’s guideline when it comes to responding to customer  e-mail inquiries?  Most companies I have worked with or visited typically require a 24 turn around time.  That has been the standard for quite some time – but does it still hold true?

On a recent trip to visit a client, I was taking an Uber to the airport as I began  my journey home.  During the ride, the driver and I were chatting away, when suddenly he said, “Whoops, should have taken that last exit.  I did not think much of it – I had plenty of time, and I figured we were not going too far out of our way.  I would realize later that this would have been a great opportunity for my driver to practice Zero Risk addressing the issue head on to ensure I was satisfied with my experience and that there was an acceptable resolution for the error. A little later, I boarded my plane and had a chance to catch-up on my e-mails.  I clicked on the Uber receipt that had come through and realized once I saw the map that we had gone pretty far out of our way.  I figured here was my chance to test Uber’s service, which I had heard was pretty good.


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