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Why You Are Not As Good At CX As You Think You Are
In Denial

Bain & Company, a business-consulting firm, asked leaders of 362 companies if they felt their companies delivered superior customer service. 80 percent believe that the service they provided was indeed superior. What these companies didn’t know was at the same time, Bain & Co. was surveying over 3,000 customers, asking them if they felt they received superior customer service. Only 8 percent of customers surveyed described their experience as superior. How can 80 percent of the companies think they are providing superior service, but only 8 percent of their customers agree with them? Who’s right?

Has Uber’s Leadership Finally Gone Too Far?
A few weeks ago the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, apologized for cultural failings at his company after a former employee alleged she was harassed and discriminated against while working there. Is it too late for the company that revolutionized public transportation? Kalanick apologized for a lack of diversity in the company’s workforce and for not properly responding to employee complaints. Uber & Kalanick are no stranger to public controversy. Last month, the #deleteuber movement came about after customers accused Uber of breaking a New York taxi drivers’ strike and allying itself with President Donald Trump. Then this past weekend, former software developer Susan Fowler wrote a blog post alleging that she’d been sexually harassed during her year at Uber and that the company’s HR department had tried to protect her manager, rather than resolve the situation. In a February 2014 GQ profile, Kalanick said people referred to the company as “Boob-er” because it helped him attract women. A few months later, Uber employees in France offered riders a chance to be driven by “sexy girls.”


The 5 Things CEOs Regret Most On Their Deathbed About CX | Simon Sinek: How To Lead Millennials | Ask John
March 15, 2017, 6:24 am
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The 5 Things CEOs Regret Most On Their Deathbed 


1.Executive sponsorship – It is a proven fact that any big initiative, project, or revolution has to have the support of the senior leadership team; otherwise it will be considered “flavor of the month” or “management by bestseller.”

2.No one losing sleep at night over the CX – Over the last several years, one of the most often discussed topics continues to be, who is in charge of your brand’s customer? I am not talking about your call center, customer service reps, or customer support. Regardless of your company’s size, or business model, someone in your organization has to be in charge of the customer experience and all that goes with it.


An Oscar Mistake
March 8, 2017, 6:14 am
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Mistakes Happen 


By now you have probably seen the Oscar screw-up in which Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway where given the wrong envelope and falsely announced that “La La Land” had won the Academy Award for best picture. It was a very unfortunate mistake, one I think the majority of the public felt bad about and understood that mistakes happen (Steve Harvey was forgiven for his similar screw-up at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant).


What Your Satisfaction Scores Are NOT Telling You | The Millennial Generation Lacking Service Aptitude
February 8, 2017, 5:02 am
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What Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Are Not Telling You 

What Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Are Not Telling You
Having strong Key Performance Indicators that are tied directly to your company’s Customer Experience is critical to your company joining the Customer Service Revolution. However, most Customer satisfaction reporting is not 100% accurate. This can be a major problem if you are holding leaders and Customer facing employees accountable. Your Customer satisfaction rating system must isolate different touch points of the Customer’s journey, otherwise the reports are only valuable as a brand experience and cannot be tied to any individual’s performance.


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Our CX Experts Share What Your 2017 Focus Should Be
Do you have a solid Customer Experience strategy for 2017? The experts of The DiJulius Group share some of their insights for what they believe will be key for this coming year.

The following is by Dave Murray, Senior Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group.

How To Prepare Millennials To Be Our Next Generation Of Leaders

So much has been made of the Millennial generation. There have been countless articles and even books published on how to manage and lead this generation in the work force. This is nothing new. Every new generation brings change and new technology with them as they take their first positions. The primary difference now is that technology changes so much faster then ever before, with smart phones leading the way. The technology that Millennials were raised on is now making its way in to offices and storefronts. Change can be difficult, but change can also be very good.


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Stop Focusing On Your Goals | Airline Makes It Right, But Not The Same Airline That Made It Wrong
Accidents Happen

A sleeping passenger, on an American Airlines flight, was suddenly awoken after an out of control, speeding beverage cart, smashed into him. The beverage cart, that was supposed to be safely latched & stowed in the first class galley for takeoff, somehow went rogue, got loose and flew down 30 feet, making it past first class, into economy, into this passenger’s leg. The runaway cart did considerable damage to the passenger’s leg.


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