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Pokémon GO is a Business Game Changer | Chick-fil-A #1 Again
August 3, 2016, 6:27 am
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Is Pokémon The Future Of Customer Experience?

Pokemania is spreading like wildfire. Pokémon GO, the hot new Augmented Reality (AR) game is not just another hot game on that market. What is most interesting is that it is a cultural phenomenon that blends reality with game play. While gamers see it as just another way to play games, business owners have quickly seen the opportunities of incorporating their real life business inside the game environment. Many businesses are reaping huge benefits by paying to have Pokémon located inside their business – which attracts players who want to catch it. A pizzeria in Queens, NY claims they are getting new customers all day trying to capture Pokémon. Now I know what some of you are saying, “I don’t want a bunch of people walking into my business without intentions of purchasing anything.” That mentality drives me crazy. Read my past eService about two totally different philosophies regarding foot traffic, titled Foot Traffic pays off if you have trust.


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