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Knowing the difference between Customer Service & Customer Experience.
Think about the last time you were running through an airport, headed to the gate to catch a plane. You stopped at the store to grab a magazine, snack and water. The cashier said hello, scanned the items you were purchasing, told you the amount you owed, took your payment, put your items in a bag, gave you your receipt and thanked you. Was it bad? Not at all, it was a typical transaction that would repeat itself at 99.9% of stores you visited in any airport in the US. Was it a memorable experience? No, that purchase will never cross your mind again.

So how do you know if you received an ‘Experience’ or just a ‘Service’? How do you know if you have delivered an ‘Experience’ or just a ‘Service’. People use these words interchangeably. Is Customer Service the same as Customer Experience from an interactional standpoint? That is what this article will define: The difference between someone providing a ‘Service’ versus an ‘Experience’? Let’s break them down and see.



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Incredible B2B Customer Service
March 23, 2016, 5:10 am
Filed under: B2B Customer Experience, Customer Service
Carle Publishing is a great example of a business that made the Customer Experience they deliver their #1 competitive advantage. Carle Publishing, headquartered in Eastern Canada, competes in a specialized niched marketing industry. However, they have been experiencing incredible sales growth and Customer retention. Carle Publishing creates customized printed and digital magazines for regional and national brands looking to reach a niche target audience, as well as independent insurance agencies all over North America. “Right now, we are experiencing almost 80%+ growth year over year, and are achieving close to a 100% retention rate, largely attributed to the customer service we have learned from The DiJulius Group,” says Andy Buyting, CEO and President.


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