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Do You See Doom & Gloom? | Does Smiling On The Phone Really Make A Difference?
April 5, 2017, 6:03 am
Filed under: Customer Service, Service Aptitude, Service Secrets

If you are going to help make your organization a World-Class Customer  service organization, you must have a consistently great outlook. You must see opportunities where most do not. You must believe in the present and future. You must have charitable assumption of your Customers and confidence in your existing and future generation of employees. Too often, I come across people in management that have an extremely negative outlook on our world today, which tells me they and their businesses will be limited.

When You Sound Old You Become Old

Have you been guilty of criticizing the younger generation for not having the work ethic your generation had, or their poor people skills because of texting and social media, or complained about how bad our politicians are today? Have you vented over the unpredictability of the economy, how more businesses are in danger of going under, how negative people have become towards each other, or how scary the world is today with all the threats of terrorism?



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