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I Collect The Best Thing Anyone Can Collect
November 21, 2016, 11:52 am
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I Collect The Best Thing Anyone Can Collect
I have never been a real collector. When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards, a lot of baseball cards. I cashed in on them at the height of the baseball card market, shortly after I got married. I traded them to get my basement finished, pretty good deal. Since then, I haven’t been too nostalgic about anything, at least not anything physical. However, I realized my entire life I have been a collector of something very rare and priceless. People compliment me on my collection all the time. I believe it is the best gauge of a person’s character. I constantly stress to my three sons and all my employees that they should collect the same thing I do. What I collect are rare people in my life. The key word is rare, for I am extremely choosy on whom I collect. I collect relationships with uncommon, loyal, unique, high moral, genuine, and most importantly POSITIVE people. 
If I Am Judged By The People I Surround Myself With, I Am A Champion
I want to be guilty by association. For the success I have had, I attribute 100% to the collection of relationships I have. From my friends who I spend the most time with, my mentors, my managing partners & leaders in my businesses, our long-term employees, customers who have become more than just business associates, close family members, my sons, to my significant other. Every one of them embodies the list above.  
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