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Book Smart Doesn’t Equal Customer Service Smart
April 6, 2016, 7:05 am
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Growing up, I was a wiz in spelling but throughout medical school and residency (eight years of intensive studying and rare sleep) my focus was entirely on medicine. There wasn’t time for pleasure reading and my brain couldn’t fit another fact into it.  Subsequently, my ability to spell significantly dropped off and I found myself “i before e-ing” a lot more often. My focus was entirely on one area and while that built up, other areas dropped off. Fortune Magazine said in a 2016 article, “…learning comes with a cost and the more time you spend learning, the less time you spend enhancing skills. There gets to be a point where the distraction of learning eats away at your ability to capitalize on it.”  I would argue that intensive specific learning, as found in medical school, law school and those similar, eats away at not only “hard skills,” like spelling, but also “soft skills,” like hospitality or Customer Service.


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