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Every industry has an UBER coming
February 17, 2016, 7:03 am
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Uber Fast Response

What is your company’s guideline when it comes to responding to customer  e-mail inquiries?  Most companies I have worked with or visited typically require a 24 turn around time.  That has been the standard for quite some time – but does it still hold true?

On a recent trip to visit a client, I was taking an Uber to the airport as I began  my journey home.  During the ride, the driver and I were chatting away, when suddenly he said, “Whoops, should have taken that last exit.  I did not think much of it – I had plenty of time, and I figured we were not going too far out of our way.  I would realize later that this would have been a great opportunity for my driver to practice Zero Risk addressing the issue head on to ensure I was satisfied with my experience and that there was an acceptable resolution for the error. A little later, I boarded my plane and had a chance to catch-up on my e-mails.  I clicked on the Uber receipt that had come through and realized once I saw the map that we had gone pretty far out of our way.  I figured here was my chance to test Uber’s service, which I had heard was pretty good.


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