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A Rare Gem: Waveability
January 13, 2016, 7:10 am
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I came up with this idea while running and introduced at last year’s #secretservicesummit.  As an avid runner, one of my favorite things to do whenever I get to a new city is to explore it on a run.  When I do this, I always take note of how the local runners greet one another.  Many times, runners passing one another acknowledge each other with a wave – which is really more than just a wave.  It is a vote of confidence; it is a reassurance that you are doing a great job.  It is saying, “You look great – keep it up!”  In some markets, this wave happens with every runner you pass.  In other markets, typically larger ones, waves may be few and far between.  I often wonder why?  Too many people, equating too many waves perhaps?
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