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Customers are irrational | AskOnce promise | Anti No Zone
December 16, 2015, 7:51 am
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The two most important words when serving others – I think the two most powerful words employees need to have permeated throughout their consciousness are “compassion” and “empathy.” When you genuinely serve with compassion and empathy, your Customer service is on a completely different level. The question is, how do you teach compassion and empathy? How do you make them more than just buzzwords and platitudes? The top world-class Customer experience organizations constantly put their employees in the shoes of the Customer. When your employees really understand the plight of the Customer-what the Customer is going through, their daily battles (see Day in the life of a Customer)-it starts to crystallize how critically important the experience your employees deliver is, as well as how genuine the caring they show each Customer is.

Customers are not rational – Emotions out power and manipulate our reasoning, and emotion leads to action. Customer experience can trigger a wide array of emotions that can have a great influence on repeat business. Sometimes we don’t know why we like going to a certain place, but something drives us to stop there. We make logical reasons of why, defending the fact that it is based on convenience or something else; but the truth is, the business that delivered a unique experience has emotional capital that can be subconscious. On the other hand, when we hear of a brand and have negative thoughts, most often the case is that one time a poor experience left a permanent negative stamp in our mind. 

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