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May the FORDS be with you | Satisfaction transparency | How to earn Customer’s trust | CX Master’s degree
December 9, 2015, 7:46 am
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Real-Time Customer Satisfaction transparency – Engine Yard, a San Francisco-based cloud application management platform, has put their money where their mouth is by taking the brave step of putting a real-time indicator of its current Customer satisfaction stats right on its support site for all to see. You’ll find 100 panda icons featured prominently on Engine Yard’s website with just a few “sad pandas” crossed out in red. They conduct a survey after every single support ticket and publish their Customer satisfaction rate in real-time where happy pandas represent satisfied Customers. 

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The ART of Listening – “Listening to understand is often the only way of showing people they are special and that you care for them,” says Rich Simmonds in his blog titled, The Art of Listening. Simmonds continues to say, “If you are unable to connect with people to the point that they can trust you, they will not follow you as a leader or give you the opportunity to serve them as a leader (or as a salesperson for that matter). These are the basics of relationship and trust will only be sustainable in the safety of a relationship.” 

I can only trust you if I know you have my back – Simmons also points out: If we don’t listen to understand we will never hear what the insecurities of others are and we will probably never understand our own insecurities either. Yes, we all have insecurities. It is our task to show people we care, not so that we can blatantly manipulate them into using our product or service, but rather by listening and trying to understand them where they are. This is listening with empathy and we will understand what their insecurities are, what their real needs are and we will be able to tailor make solutions that suit them so that a win/win situation arises for everybody.

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