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U.R.X. | Carpe Momento | THERE YOU ARE!
November 18, 2015, 7:16 am
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Employee apathy creates Customer apathy – Today too many companies think it is a race to evolve their Customer Experience from costly human interactions to the bells and whistles of fancy technology like self check in/out iPads, apps, kiosks, marketing and by communicating solely through social media channels, and online support. While this is a necessary evolution for our business models, this must not come at the expense of sending our employees the message that it is no longer about you and what you do, you are no longer a critical piece of the Experience. Employees will feel less important, having a decreased sense of value and disconnection from the company’s purpose, which will create employee apathy. Employee apathy produces Customer apathy.  Customer apathy is a sign of a terminally ill business. We cannot let our leaders and employees rely on technology as a crutch for the Customer Experience. 

URX – Our employees need to be reminded and told constantly, “You are the Xperience.” (URX) That it is about them, how they interact with the Customer. Ipads, apps, websites, and kiosks don’t build relationships. People do. Employees who connect instead of communicate create loyal Customers. Consider making your 2016 CX theme around URX – “You are the Xperience.” 

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Love your voice John.

The beauty in this message is that when employees truly feel like they matter to the customer, it gives a sense of pride and purpose in their role, which increases engagement and has a positive impact on turnover.

One of my customers heard you speak recently, and she shared this blog with me. I really enjoy it. Thank you!

Amy Zintl, Partner


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Comment by Amy Zintl

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