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BKIFG has Secret Service Day for employees, Dan Thurmon presents Off Balance On Purpose
June 17, 2015, 7:35 am
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BKIFG has a Secret Service Day for their employees – Benson Kearley IFG, an Insurance company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, whose long legacy of being world-class to their own Customers, is being featured in The Customer Service Revolution. However, they recently took experience to a new level for all their employees. As a result of sending their Secret Service Team (an internal group of employees that work on their Customer experience) to last year’s Secret Service Summit, this team came back inspired with great ideas to wow all their employees. The Secret Service Day for their employees had many incredible amenities from the moment employees arrived to work until they departed. As employees entered the building they had a red carpet, were greeted by the Secret Service Agents, and the leadership team handed them Orange Juice. When they sat at their desk, they received a really nice menu to select their breakfast, which was served to them by the SS team. Throughout the day they were able to play games around their Customer Experience, all the employees enjoyed a nice catered lunch, and they all got off work earlier than expected that day. As Shirley Deakin, ambassador for the Secret Service Team at BKIFG, says, “Not only was the day special and appreciated, it rang through the office for weeks. It resonated with them. They felt important, engaged and committed to their jobs and the company they work for.” Watch Shirley share in her own words the impact BKIFG’s Secret Service day had as well as what BKIFG’s Secret Service Team is all about.

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