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Your competition is not who you think
June 4, 2015, 1:33 pm
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Who is your real competition? If you ask employees this question, most will list five companies from their industry that sell exactly what they do. However, in most cases that isn’t your competition at all. All they really are is the beneficiary of your lack of Customer loyalty. Whether you are a law firm, insurance agent, jewelry store, salon, or accounting firm, the comparison of your competition to you is really pointless. After your Customer receives a haircut, they don’t leave your salon and then go visit another one and say, “Wow, my salon is so much better.” Your firm’s client doesn’t hang up with you and call another accounting firm. After your Customers deal with you, they then interact with other businesses. They finish their errands, go to the dry cleaner, do shopping and make a few other calls to totally different businesses. All day long Customers are hearing “no,” “it is not our policy,” “too late,” “hold please,” etc.  What you want is for your Customers, when dealing with any other business, to feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz –clicking her heels and saying,  ” I wish everyone else treated me as well as (your company).”

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