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Passing the Above & Beyond challenge? Announcing 2015 Secret Service Summit Lineup
March 3, 2015, 2:46 pm
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Hotel Concierge takes on Guest’s above & beyond challenges – We all know that one of the best jobs you

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can have, if you enjoy make Customers happy, is as a hotel concierge. However, a guest staying at the Hotel Indigo in San Antonio tested to see how far the concierge would go to accommodate her wishes. And the concierge delivered every time. It wasn’t just once,

Photo credit Imgur user FreePsychicReadings

check out how the concierge handled the guest’s repeated requests. World-Class Concierge. 

Your employees are too scared to go above & beyond? Given a similar situation in your business, would your employees go above & beyond? So often leadership is disappointed with front-line employees’ lack of above & beyond efforts and actions. Employers don’t understand why employees do not capitalize on “low hanging fruit,” when great opportunities present themselves to “wow” the Customer. The key reason? Your employees are scared! This is the number one reason, and I have yet to meet an executive/leader who was not in denial about his/her team’s lack of confidence in going above & beyond for Customers without fear of getting in trouble. I don’t care how many stories you tell, how many times you stand up and preach that there are no limitations on what your employees can do. I guarantee a higher percentage of your employees are hesitant, reluctant, even scared they could get in trouble – maybe for going against a policy. Read the full article I wrote on Are your employees fearless?

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