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Am I a hypocrite when I say you should offer a price match guarantee?
February 17, 2015, 1:57 pm
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Employee mindset is wrong – Ask your employees this question: If your Customers told you that they could get what you sell from some place else for significantly less, what would you do? What would you say to keep them? You will probably be disappointed at their answer. Too often when faced with that same scenario, employees act almost apologetic, and start offering the Customer more, or even worse, they discount to justify the price gap. The problem is, your front-line employees may not understand the true value of the services and products they are selling to the Customer. 

New Paradigm on price match guarantees – I was inspired by reading Jeff Shore’s blog, Don’t Wage a Price War. Win Sales by Eliminating Your Competition. A paradigm shift is needed from selling a commodity someone can get anywhere to an experience Customers can only enjoy with your company. Everyone in your organization needs have this mindset: 

We are the ultimate experience provider. We will not be oversold. In fact if you can find it more expensive somewhere else, we will raise our prices and match it. 

Don’t compete in price wars; compete in experience wars – Sound crazy? Well if that was truly your mindset, if it was everyone’s mindset in your company, it would change your approach to the experience you provide. It would force us to deliver the ultimate experience. Personally, I get upset if I find out that someone is charging more for something either of my businesses sell. I start to think, what are they providing that we aren’t? Is it quality, consistency, or Customer service? What is it? We need to improve our game and be proud of what we charge relative to the experience we deliver.

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