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10 stories how “policy” destroys brand loyalty
October 21, 2014, 11:05 am
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Policy can kill your brand – Policy is a bad word. Customers hate hearing the words, “Our policy is…” and even worse, employees love to use it as a crutch. One of the biggest contributors to the Customer service crisis is management’s paranoia that Customers are out to take advantage of them. This leads to a significant amount of time that companies spend on creating and enforcing policy versus creating positive Customer experiences. Generally employees want to do what they are taught, and many times do not do a good job of understanding when exceptions should apply. For instance, front-line employees take the word ‘policy’ literally.  That is why I always replace it with the word ‘guideline.’


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No money back on consumed coffee – A manager of an auto repair shop enforced a company policy that doesn’t allow Customers money back on coffee that has been partially consumed. It turned into an argument where the police where eventually called. By the way, the Customer had already spent over $800 in repairs.  The ‘policy’ is they don’t return half-consumed beverages (see past eService Fight for $3 only to lose $800) 


Restaurant charges person for using restroom – A restaurant in Houston, Texas, area has a sign posted in the bathrooms that says there is a $5 charge for non-Customers who use their restrooms.  This same restaurant sent a woman a bill for $5.00 for using the restroom (see past eService Restaurant sends consumer an invoice for restroom visit).


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