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Anytime Secret Service; Branson’s Customer service tips

Secret Service Anytime – Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest and fastest-growing coed fitness club chain, has as their service vision: “To Be Surprisingly Personable.” If you think about it, to be surprisingly personable is identical to the Secret Service definition: ‘The ability to obtain Customer intelligence and utilize that to personalize the Customer’s experience, leaving the Customer to ask, “How’d they do that, and how’d they know that?”  To be able to do that with every Customer, every time, they had to create an incredible Secret Service system.  A member uses a key fob (keyless entry device) to enter the Anytime Fitness facility. This triggers their information, such as their name and their picture to pop up on their Customer management software called ‘Club Hub.’  The member’s picture will stay up on the screen as long as they are working out in the club.  At any moment, a manager or team member can view a picture with a name and even some Customer intelligence of the member, and then engage them by saying something to the effect, “Hey Jim, great to see you again. Third workout this week!  Great job.”  Check out how the Anytime Fitness franchisees, who attended my workshop in San Antonio, TX, got into the Customer Service Revolution.


Customer service tips from Branson – Virgin Airline founder, Sir Richard Branson, constantly credits Customer service as the primary reason why his companies are so successful. The following are the what Branson thinks are critical in building an excellent Customer service company that appeared in a  blog written by Tricia Morris on, read the entire article:


1.     Set realistic Customer expectations 

2.     Hire the right people and empower them to do the right thing

3.     Respond ASAP to Customers

4.     Make a good first, and even better second, impression

5.     Customer service is your differentiator


As loyalty plummets, banks are trying to get personal – Only a few months ago several banks announced a teller tax, charging Customers an extra fee for face-to-face teller interaction (see past eService Teller Tax). The growing mobile banking trend with minimal human interaction has resulted in minimal emotional connection and minimal Customer loyalty. To try to win Customers back, some banks are now offering interactive ATMs, aka virtual tellers. As reported in the Washington Post, Interactive teller machines offer the ability for Customers to complete a number of financial transactions via two-way video that allows them to communicate with bank workers in remote locations.


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