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10 WORST Customer service stories of 2013; WestJet airlines delivers Secret Service

#10 –  Wanna see a bank teller? It will cost you. Some banks now want you to pay for face time as more institutions are charging fees for interacting with a teller.


#9 – DirecTV charges Customer $400 for equipment after a devastating wildfire destroyed their home.


#8 – Several major credit card companies have to return a combined $425 million to consumers, primarily for misleading sales tactics


#7 – Too Fat To Tan. After a woman purchased a tanning package, she was told she was too fat to tan at a tanning salon, and the salon would not give her a refund.


#6 – Lululemon, an athletic apparel retail store, sold yoga pants that were see-through. It got worse! When women came back to the store to return the too-sheer yoga pants, the Customers were asked to try on the pants and bend over in front of sales associates, who would assess them before a return was permitted.


#5 – A pizza driver gets on an elevator, opens a pizza box, proceeds to eat several toppings off the pizza, then closes the box back up and delivers the pizza to the Customer.


#4 – Retail store Charges Customers a $5.00 ‘Just Looking’ Fee.


#3 – A young boy, who has an asthma attack , is refused a 9-1-1 call because it is against their policy to let Customers to use their phone.


#2 – Company fines for negative online review. This company built a clause in their “Terms and Conditions” at the time of sale that, if accepted, prohibits any Customer from posting anything negative about the company.


#1 –  Restaurant sends consumer an invoice for restroom visit. A restaurant in Houston, Texas area sends a woman, who used their restroom, a bill for $5.00 for using their restroom. 


WestJet Airlines delivers the Ultimate Secret Service Christmas Surprise – Canadian based airline WestJet sets up electronic Santa chat boxes in terminals at airports. Travelers are entertained while chatting with Santa, as parents and kids alike tell him what they want for Christmas. However, it didn’t stop there. While the flights were in the air, WestJet shoppers pick up everybody’s Christmas wishes, from “socks and underwear” to “a big screen TV.” When they get to baggage claim, instead of their luggage, travelers were greeted with big blue boxes with their names on the front and their dream Christmas gifts inside. You have to watch it to believe it! 
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I watched the West Jet video with wonder and amazement – the emotional connection they made with their customers will resonate for a lifetime.

Comment by Steve Yeatts

I totally agree Steve!

Comment by The DiJulius Group

West Jet miracle – what an amazing idea! Hat’s off to West Jet!!!

Comment by Evelon

I agree Evelon

Comment by The DiJulius Group

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