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Amazon’s Drones; Law Firm tears down stereotypes; Lulu at it again; A Gift for your clients

Henson Fuerst Law Firm – You do not typically think of World-Class Customer service when you think of injury attorneys; however, Henson Fuerst Law Firm, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, is rapidly changing that stereotype.  They just launched their company’s Customer Service Vision Statement and “Day-in-the-Life of a Customer” video to their entire staff.  The purpose was to make all their employees, lawyers, case managers, receptionists, etc. have a better understanding of what their clients are dealing with and battling throughout what can be a 24-month ordeal until their injury case is settled.  The Henson Fuerst’s Service Vision and “Day-in-the-Life of a Customer” video really demonstrate the compassion and empathy their associates need to display with every client, on every interaction. Watch the Henson Fuerst Law Firm’s “Day-in the-Life of a Customer” video 


Amazon Gets It – Last week Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, posted a message to his Customers on their homepage explaining how their Frustration-Free Packaging will reduce Wrap rage.  This is why Amazon is one of the top world-class Customer service companies in the world.  They take ownership of the problem, even when it isn’t their fault.  Everything Amazon does is designed around the Customer’s experience.  Check out the video that demonstrates the benefit of Frustration-Free Packaging.


Amazon Flying Drones – Never resting and always on the cutting edge of innovation, Bezos unveiled Amazon Prime Air in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.”  Prime Air will be a service that delivers packages via autonomous drones. With the service, Bezos said he hopes that the company will be able to deliver packages into Customers’ hands within 30 minutes of the time they place an order.  Check out an actual drone delivery.


Lululemon year keeps getting worse –  Maybe Lululemon’s marketing is trying to emulate Miley Cyrus with shocking antics to steal headline news. This time the company’s founder, Chip Wilson, said in an interview on Bloomberg that Lululemon’s yoga pants are not for women with thighs that rub together. In March, Lululemon had to recall 17% of its pants because they were too sheer, and the company’s stock (and reputation) took a hit. Even then, the company suggested that the pants weren’t the problem, but that women were wearing the wrong sizes.  The public backlash forced Wilson to make an apology video.


Make 2014 the year you take your organization to world class service levels – The Enterprise Revolution Package is the perfect way to improve your service delivery.  Your clients deserve the gift of world-class Customer service. 


The Enterprise Revolution Package Box Set combines in-class education and ongoing phone coaching for the year.  Coupled with the X-Commandments Digital Consulting Suite you’ll have all the training tools necessary to have your clients fall in love with you all over again.  With your purchase before Christmas you can use online discount BOXSET20 to receive $2000 off this training system.  Learn what else it comes with!







You have to start with the Customer experience
and work backwards toward the product, not the other way around


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