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Restaurants banning cell phones; TDG goes Harlem
May 10, 2013, 8:15 am
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Restaurants banning cell phones – A popular debate among restaurateurs is the practice of banning cell phone usage. Proponents of this practice argue that cell phone conversations are distracting and annoying to the nearby Customers, and these establishments say they want to stop people from being connected from one another and bring back the good old days where family and friends actually looked at each other and had real face-to-face conversations.  I want to know your opinion on this topic, good or bad idea? Leave me a comment.


TDG Harlem Shake – We are not all business! Check out this hilarious 30-second video of The DiJulius Group’s Harlem Shake dance See if you can spot the one character that is in the second half of the video that is not in the first half.  Leave me a comment if you think you know who it is!



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