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Complete Nutrition’s Service Vision; Paradigm Shift of a leader; Secret Service Summit SOLD OUT


Complete Nutrition’s Customer Service Revolution – Recently I started consulting with Complete Nutrition, a rapidly growing nutritional supplement chain store. In just barely four years of franchising, they already have over 150 locations across the US and are growing.  They are a great organization with great young, energetic leaders with incredible vision.  The DiJulius Group has been helping them with the initial phases of developing a world-class customer service culture, and one of the critical steps is creating their Customer Service Vision.  We did a two-day workshop with their steering committee, which is made up of senior leaders, home office team members, and a few key franchisees.   It was a great, exhilarating process that included terrific ideas and passionate debates. We finally came away with Complete Nutrition’s customer service vision.  This was going to be rolled out at their annual franchisee convention about two months later.  Anyone who has ever worked with a franchise company knows that if you do not have the buy-in of the franchisees, you have nothing.  And in order to get all the franchisees to buy into the new service vision, we needed to make sure the top franchisees that attended the workshop were bought in.


Wish more leaders thought like this – One of the top and biggest franchisees of Complete Nutrition is Austin Schweitzer, who was part of the workshop. I really enjoyed Austin’s knowledge, experience and insight. He really gets it and is very passionate about building an incredible brand.  Still, when the workshop ends, as a consultant, you are never completely sure who is on board with the new direction the company is taking.  To my surprise and delight, the day after the workshop, I was copied on an email Austin sent to all the GM’s of his locations. His honesty and passion were inspiring to me.   Here are some excerpts from his three-page email:


From: Austin Schweitzer
Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2012 1:15 PM

As an owner, I am here to tell you that over the last three years I have mislead a lot of you on how our model should work.  I have focused too much of my effort on the Sales to customers and not Service we are providing.  For instance, we all call around and ask “What are you at for the day” or “How are sales?”  NOT ONCE have we called around and asked,  “How are your employees doing with customer service?”  “Do you feel like your staff is giving good enough service to retain customers?”  The wrong Leadership style by me has lead to a domino effect through all of you with our culture and how we train your employees and run our stores. 




I have been on the wrong path, thinking if you micromanage your employees and go through steps 1-? it will give great service, and customers will come back.  If there were steps 1- ? on how to keep customers, everybody would do it in the retail industry.  Service IS NOT A LIST OF STEPS.  IT IS A CULTURE THAT YOU CREATE AND A STANDARD WE SET WITH INTENSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING.

How are we going to measure customer service you say?  We will now be pulling customers’ Retention by Employee and by market.  This metric will be our NUMBER ONE FOCUS.   PROMOTIONS-PAY- COMPANY ADVANCEMENT will now be mainly concentrated on the people the have and create high customer retention from here on out.  It will be the number one metric we look at everyday and the number one thing everyone will focus on with training and store visits.


Austin Schweitzer
MO Nutrition
Complete Nutrition Franchises


Complete Nutrition’s Customer Service Vision & Pillars – 






 It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one

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