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Singapore Gov’t joining the revolution: Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience: Darryl Greene Keynoting


Singapore is Actually Creating a Customer Service Revolution in their Country –  The Singapore Government has created the Customer Centric Initiative that aims to encourage companies to be committed to service excellence and to take the lead in raising customer service standards in their industry.  The Singapore Workforce Development Agency offers an assistance package, up to 70% of the costs, to assist Singapore companies in dramatically improving their customer service.


A Lesson the U.S. Government and Every Company Can Learn – The following are the criteria for a company to be eligible for assistance:

  • The project should introduce new service standards
  • It should lead to an improvement in Service Leadership, Service Agility, or Customer Experience
  • The project should lead to a specific and quantifiable outcome that will upgrade the industry to become among the best-in-class internationally
  • You must be willing to share your results.
  • Service improvements should include: service audits, development of service strategy, service promise, service blueprints, standards and service measures, and redesign of service processes.


Congratulations to the Singapore Government for being on the forefront of the Customer Service Revolution. It is no surprise we have businesses from that region signed up to attend this year’s Secret Service Summit. You can read all about Singapore’s Customer Centric Initiative here


Healthcare -One of the Most Complex Industries – In most every industry, the call to domore with less often lands squarely on the shoulders of front-line employees. Leaders are regularly challenged with how to operate in demanding environments while balancing the engagement of their teams to deliver great customer care.  Healthcare is no different. Healthcare is in the news every day. We hear debates over access for more people to receive healthcare, concerns over the industry’s ability to provide quality care amidst shortages in caregivers, and of course the need to control cost and do more with less. In an industry undergoing such dynamic change, the need for improving efforts to meet growing demands is stronger than ever. For leaders, this can pose a vexing conundrum: How to meet the growing industry demands while engaging employees in a positive way. The answer is critical, as many studies have demonstrated a link between employee experience and patient experience.


 Cleveland Clinic – Several years ago, The Cleveland Clinic, a world-renown health care system, took an innovative approach.  They hired experts from other industries to improve their administrative and clinical processes by utilizing proven tools and concepts from manufacturing and financial services. Darryl Greene was one of those hired to join The Cleveland Clinic in 2005. Working closely with caregivers from leadership to front-line, Darryl and his team  developed approaches to introduce these non-healthcare industry tools into the proud and successful physician-led institution of The Cleveland Clinic. Darryl considered the Clinic’s employees as his customers, and his service to them as a critical determinant to success. More important than the tools themselves, however, was his approach to acceptance and perceived value by caregivers: meet them where they are, provide tools to help, and coach and nurture them through the work of improvement. Breakthrough results followed in areas that traditionally were skeptical of such approaches. In his recent co-authored book, Experiencing Improvement, and at this year’s Secret Service Summit, Darryl highlights his own learning in helping leaders meet the growing industry demands while engaging employees in a positive way to deliver great care and ultimately, great outcomes for patients.





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