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Who is to blame; Take the Stairs; Rory Vaden keynoting at the Secret Service Summit
August 16, 2012, 8:19 am
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Who is to Blame? What if we allowed teenagers to start driving without taking the required drivers-ed classes or even eliminate a driving test — and then they crashed your car? What if we allowed a mechanic to fly a plane without ever taking any lessons and it crashed? Or what if we allowed the human resource director of a CPA firm to do a client’s accounting and tax returns, and that client gets audited and is found guilty of tax fraud?  In each of these scenarios, whom would you blame? The driver, HR director or employee? Of course not! We would blame the company or supervisor/boss for putting someone in a position they were not qualified to handle.  Then why, when we have a new employee who has only been technically trained and who upsets a VIP customer, do we blame the employee when the VIP takes their business elsewhere? It is not their fault!


Service Aptitude Certification – Companies need to certify every customer-interacting employee with customer service training. Employee Service Aptitude Test (E-SAT), customer service vision, non-negotiable standards, and service recovery protocols (Zero Risk). The world-class customer service organizations do not allow any employee to come in contact with customers until they are customer-service certified and their Service Aptitude is at a level that provides them the foundation and tools to be successful and represent the brand with the right hospitality mindset. This is why you cannot miss this year’s 2012 Secret Service Summit, where we have an amazing lineup of speakers and world-class customer service executives who are going to share how their companies do exactly that.


7 steps for achieving true success – No matter how you define success, it requires one thing: self-discipline. One of my favorite books I have read in 2012 is Take The Stairs, by Rory Vaden.  He explains that we live in an “escalator world;” one that’s filled with “short cuts, quick fixes, and distractions” that make it all too easy to slide into procrastination, compromise, and mediocrity. What seems like an easier path is really much harder in the end, and it won’t take you where you want to go. Take the Stairs is a book that demonstrates very simply how successful people achieve results.  


Rory Vaden is a Self-Discipline Strategist, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success His insights on improving self-discipline, overcoming procrastination and enhancing productivity have been shared on Oprah radio, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS, and in Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and in SUCCESS™ Magazine.  Rory helps to empower professionals to conquer their fears and take immediate action in all aspects of their lives by raising productivity, growing sales, maintaining better work-life balance, managing change, having more effective time management skills and motivating people to do the hard work necessary to achieve success in life.  Don’t miss Rory’s keynote presentation at the at the 2012 Secret Service Summit.


Barcelona Spain – My family and I just returned from a wonderful vacation in BarcelonaSpain. Not only was it an amazing exploration, but also it inspired me in so many ways personally & professionally. It is my desire, every summer, to take my boys to a different country for several weeks to experience new and exciting cultures.  If anyone has any interest in visiting Barcelona, I recommend contacting my good friend and mentor, Verne Harnish (aka The Growth Guy), rents out his flat during the summer, for weeks at a time.  Verne can be reached at








 Remove the term “it’s not our policy” from your company’s vocabulary, 
it is a crutch that too many companies hide behind 


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