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NEWS FLASH! Announcing the #1 Customer Service Conference Ever Produced!

 MAKING PRICE IRRELEVANT: Based on the experience your customer’s consistently receive, they have no idea what your competition charges.


THE SMOKING GUN – Business leaders are finally realizing that Customer Loyalty is every company’s greatest asset in any economy!  No longer is an investment in customer service considered an expense, but now is considered an asset. Several studies have compared the top 20% customer satisfaction companies versus the three major markets over six years (a period where the stock market had both ups and downs). The results were astonishing. You may know the importance and benefits of providing consistent superior customer service, but I doubt you realize how significant it really is. The top customer satisfaction companies beat the Dow Jones by 93%, S&P 500 by 201%, and NASDAQ by 335%.  The results conclusively show that customer satisfaction pays off in up-markets and down-markets. When the stock market dropped in value, the stock prices of firms with highly satisfied customers seemed to have benefited from some degree of insulation.

A CUSTOMER SERVICE REVOLUTION: A radical overthrow of conventional business mentality, designed to transform what employees and customers experience. This shift produces a culture that permeates into people’s personal lives, at home & in the community, which in turns provides the business with higher sales, morale, brand loyalty – making price irrelevant.  

Secret Service Summit

JOIN THE REVOLUTION –  The #1 Customer Service Conference ever produced, the Secret Service Summit, will be held this November 5th & 6th in Cleveland, Ohio.  This is a two-day international seminar dedicated exclusively to world-class customer service. There will be more than 10 presenters over two days sharing their different expertise at this year’s event.  The lineup includes respected authorities, authors, consultants, and top-brand executives who run world-class customer service organizations.  They know how to provide superior customer service while still operating a growing and profitable business in today’s economy.

I guarantee that the 2012 Secret Service Summit will the best ROI of any professional development training/seminar you have experienced. The Secret Service Summit will enable your management team to return with a solid plan to take your company’s customer experience to the next level and make price irrelevant.

Click here for early bird  registration and receive $50 OFF per ticket.


“It is not enough to be considered the best at what you do,

rather the only one that does what you do.”

Announcing the 2012 Secret Service Summit Lineup

A SOLD OUT conference 3 years in a row, don’t miss this opportunity to join the best and learn how to increase retention, referrals, repeat business and brand evangelism, insulate your company from any economic climate, and “change the world by creating a customer service revolution.”


Reon-Speaker, Author

Reon Shutte

Speaker Author

Inspirational speaker Reon Schutte shares his epic personal life journey with audiences around the world, holding listeners spellbound with his incredible story of survival and overcoming inconceivable adversity. At the same time, he inspires his audience members to break out of their personal prisons of fear, hate, anger, blame, lack of forgiveness, self-doubt and attachment to material possessions or status.

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Darryl Greene

Executive Director of Continuous Improvement –
Cleveland Clinic, Author
Darryl is responsible for helping the Cleveland Clinic Health System achieve excellence in patient service and managing performance towards goals. He and his team partner with clinicians and non-clinical employees to identify and address opportunities to improve the delivery of care for both administrative and clinical processes. As well, he is working collaboratively with physician leadership to implement and consistently use an integrated business model to help manage the business side of healthcare.

Darryl-Cleveland Clinic

Roy-Orion Consulting, Author

Roy Bivens

Consultant, Author

Roy specializes in working with senior executive teams in customizing and deploying performance management and continuous improvement methodologies to create world class performance driven organizations. An experienced entrepreneur, Roy has helped leaders craft strategic plans for a number of diverse businesses and disciplines, with industry experience that includes banking, insurance, healthcare, oil and gas, and several financial services enterprises.

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Mikki Williams

Speaker, Author
Mikki Williams, CSP (certified speaking professional, an honor bestowed on less than 600 speakers worldwide), has been named one of the top speakers in the country by Meetings and Convention magazine along with Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, and Mike Ditka.

Mikki-Speaker, Author

Founder, CEo, CJ Advertising

Arnie Malham

Founder, CEO – CJ Advertising
After graduating from the University of Mississippi with a degree in finance, Arnie served a year-long stint at a Nashville area bank before spending four years in sales at a local CBS affiliate.

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Rory Vaden

Cofounder Southwestern Consulting, Author

Rory Vaden is a Self-Discipline Strategist, Cofounder of the multi-million dollar international training company Southwestern Consulting, and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success.

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Rory-Speaker, Author

John DiJulius bio

John DiJulius

THE Authority on Customer Service
He is the founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of The DiJulius Group, a consulting firm that helps companies “Make Price Irrelevant”. Top organizations across the world use his philosophies and systems for creating a world-class customer service experience.
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