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You Can’t Afford to Not Invest in Customer Service Training

You Can’t Afford Not to Invest in

Customer Service Training

Expense or Investment – The leading excuse for why companies either do not train at all on soft-skill customer service, or train very little, is budget. However, when you see low satisfaction scores, low loyalty, increasing customer defection, and businesses needing to engage in the price wars to keep customers, you realize that customer service training is not an expense but an investment.

Can you afford not to train on Service Aptitude? – A few months ago an employee of a popular restaurant chain, instead of entering the customer’s name on the receipt label that gets taped to the order, typed in “lady chinky eyes.” You can imagine the media and social media coverage this incident got, and the negative PR this restaurant chain received, not to mention the insensitive insult the poor customer experienced. Today, with the power of social media, this is something that every business fears the most. And it certainly could happen in any business. That is why it is so critical that organizations have strong customer service training for every employee. Not just the new ones, but every employee on an ongoing basis. Annual customer service training is like deodorant, it wears off, and if not refreshed, the smell comes back. Increasing employees’ service aptitude needs to be done daily, constantly priming your employees’ minds of what world-class hospitality looks like, regardless of the industry you are in; restaurants, professional services, or manufacturing.

Hospitality Mindset – I think the two most powerful words needed for constant reinforcement to every employee are Compassion & Empathy. When you genuinely serve with compassion and empathy, your customer service is on a completely different level.   The question is, how do you teach compassion and empathy? How do you make them more than just buzz words and platitudes? The top world-class customer experience organizations constantly put their employees in the shoes of the customer. When your employees really understand the plight of the customer, (what the customer is going through, their daily battles) it starts to crystallize how critically important the experience your employees deliver becomes.

Making the customer apologize – An amazing technique, that is so rare, is when an employee cannot fulfill a customer’s request or has to deliver bad news to a customer, the employee demonstrates such empathy that the customer actually feels bad for the employee.

Superior Service Vision – Superior Glove, a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of work and safety gloves headquartered in Ontario, Canada, is a client of The DiJulius Group. They have committed to dramatically improving the experience the customer service teams delivers to their customers, who are other businesses that use their products either to resell or for use by their employees. As with every consulting client, The DiJulius Group starts by helping them create a Customer Service Vision. This is the true underlying value of what, and how, your employees need to deliver to each and every customer, providing a meaningful purpose for your employees. This is Superior Glove’s service vision statement and pillars:


Since rolling this out in February, Superior Glove has seen a significant improvement not only with buy-in of this new service culture by their customer service reps, but also with a spike in customer satisfaction scores. They have used several methods to roll out their Service Vision to theirentire organization, including making a iconic glove with the Service Vision on the back of the hand and the pillars along three of the fingers, every employee received one.


Give more than people expect, don’t keep score.
Don’t wait for them to do what they say,
just do what you promised and a little more.


John R. DiJulius III best-selling author, consultant, and keynote speaker, is the President of The DiJulius Group, the leading customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on customer experience trends and best practices. Learn more about The DiJulius Group or The Secret Service Summit, America’s #1 Customer Service Conference.

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