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Secret Service System Implementation Criteria

Secret Service System Implementation Criteria

     There is definitely a challenge when companies are trying to improve their customer experience. Yet most companies are running thin, not wanting to add complexity to the front-line employees’ jobs, not wanting to add expensive new technology or additional staff. While there definitely are times when those things are necessary, The DiJulius Group, when working with our consulting clients, has criteria for determining when to add Secret Service Systems. First, let’s revisit what Secret Service is:

The ability to obtain customer intelligence and utilize that to personalize the customer’s experience, leaving the customer to ask, “How’d they do that, and how’d they know that?”

Secret Service uses hidden systems to deliver unforgettable customer service. Customer intelligence is customer data (i.e., buying habits, purchasing history, referrals, personal preferences, home address, or work place) that fuels secret service.

Secret Service Test – Choose which of the following scenarios IS considered Secret Service.

  1. Roses for every female client on Valentine’s Day
  2. Asking how his/her son is doing in college
  3. Umbrellas for any guest who needs one
  4. How their job at Progressive Insurance is
  5. Water in every car provided by valet
  6. Bringing your client a Venti Soy Latte

    If you chose #2, 4, & 6 as Secret Service you were correct. While #1, 3, & 5 are great customer service actions, they are NOT Secret Service – personalizing a customer’s experience. It is great that every woman gets a rose on Valentine’s Day, but there is nothing personalized about it. It is mass. Same with the valet putting a fresh water bottle in every car they bring around. Exceptional — but not personalized.

Secret Service System Implementation Criteria- Secret Service systems should not add cost or complexity to your organization. Secret Service systems are what we call low-hanging fruit; they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Low or no cost
  2. Simple to execute consistently
  3. Have zero impact on productivity
  4. Create an immediate WOW for the customer

Secret Service systems allow the front-line employees of your organization to consistently create a memorable experience through:

  • Engaging the customer
  • Personalizing their experience
  • Remembering their preferences
  • Distinguishing between new, returning, and VIP customers
  • Anticipating and delivering on their unexpressed needs.

Look at your customer experience stages and see where your Secret Service system opportunities are.





Brand evangelists don’t just come back, 

they don’t simply recommend you,


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