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Do you walk the talk? Commandment X: World-Class Leadership
March 14, 2012, 8:57 am
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Walking the Talk

There are five things all great leaders have in common, which has enabled them to overachieve personally, and more importantly get their people to overachieve.

If you dislike your job,

you have to work every day for the rest of your life;

if you love what you do, you never have to work again.


1. Live Your Dream

There is a high percentage of people that do not like what they do, in traditional jobs, and they dread going to work. Not enough people go after their dreams. Fear and other people’s lack of vision hold them back. This is why I share the story of my childhood. I tell people all the time: You will find millions of people smarter than me, who came from more wealth, have higher degrees, or better genetics. But you won’t find many people who have the passion for what they do, like I have for what I do.

2. Fight for Your Dreams

I think the number one reason why I might be more successful than others

is because many people give up too easily. In nearly everything I have ever attempted, I have found myself in over my head, but I always do

whatever it takes to figure it out.

      Too many people quit once they hit a wall. Determination is a pretty vital quality to posses. You can count on facing obstacles; it is those few, who no matter what they are faced with, remain focused and persevere. Think of how different our world would be today, if the people mentioned in the “Guess Who” trivia had given up.

3. Sell Your Dreams

Name me a great leader and I will show you a person who had an incredible vision, a person who got the people around him to buy into this vision, and a person who proceeded on a mission to make it happen. The idea is to get people fired up about being a part of a great purpose, something they can have an impact on, versus punching in and out and collecting a paycheck. Great leaders make their vision their people’s vision and they run with it as if it were their own.

      Leaders need to wear their vision and dreams on their sleeve, so that everyone can get excited about it. This is where many leaders struggle. Not only do they stop wearing their vision on their sleeve, but they stop being inspirational leaders. Leaders need to bring their “A” game to work every day. This is difficult, especially since the higher a person gets in management, the more responsibility and pressure they get, and the more people they have to answer to: employees, bosses, stockholders, customers, spouse, kids. They tend to come to work with the weight of the world on their shoulders, yet still point at the people around them who don’t have the right attitude. When they are asked, “What about you?” they say, “I am fine.”

The highest honor I receive

is the privilege of helping others achieve their dreams.


4. Be a Dream Maker

This is truly one of the best privileges we have as leaders. I have found that when leaders have the ability to help others get what they want, they end up getting what they want sooner and more often. This applies to employees, coworkers, bosses, family, friends, and neighbors. It is so easy to do. Find out what other people around you want and help them get there. Many times it ­doesn’t even cost money. It is just knowing what it is your people truly want and connecting them with the right people. Is there any better legacy than helping people accomplish things they never thought possible? The leaders that learn this gift, are always the most successful and fulfilled.

See a man for what he is and he only gets worse,

look at him as if he were what he could be and

then he becomes what he should be.


5. Believe in People

There is not one great world-class leader who won’t tell you there are two reasons why they have accomplished so much: (1) because someone believed in them when they weren’t easy to believe in and (2) they themselves believed in people around them that helped make their vision and dreams a reality. The key is: Believing in people when it isn’t easy to believe in them, when they don’t even believe in themselves.


John R. DiJulius III best-selling author, consultant, and keynote speaker, is the President of The DiJulius Group, the leading customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on customer experience trends and best practices. Learn more about The DiJulius Group or The Secret Service Summit, America’s #1 Customer Service Conference.

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