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New Year / New Focus – Kick off the year with the right frame of mind, and make it the year of reaching #1 Unfair Competitive Advantage status by creating a customer service revolution and making price irrelevant.  It is also a great time to set up a measurement and reward program that keeps everyone focused on that mission. Nestle is repeating their 2011 Above & Beyond contest that produced great results internally. They are rewarding the top customer service reps who displayed amazing customer service, with an opportunity to attend the 2012 Secret Service Summit! What is your commitment to becoming a world-class customer service organization?

Nestle Above and Beyond

Customer Service Naughty & Nice List– Consumer Reports recently came out with their “Naughty & Nice List” of companies who make it easy (nice) & difficult (naughty) for their customers to do business.  This two-minute clip is worth watching! 


Prove you really do care – Author Daniel Pink blogs about his shock at a recent personal experience (Call my cell) where a restaurant owner advertised his cell number to any customer willing to share his or her experience. How accessible are you? Are you 100% positive your customers will tell you about a negative experience versus 400 of their Facebook friends


iPay –  Apple is at it again, making life easier for their customers.  Now you can avoid the crowds at the Apple store by using your iPhone or iPad to check yourself out using an App, or order and pay before you arrive and just pick up your item.

iPizza –  I love Apps, especially ones that make your traditional service model into a true experience. Domino’s Pizza now has an App that allows you to monitor to the second, where your pizza is in creation process, from being in the oven to the driver walking up to your front door.

Domino's App

Quote of the week

If you take really good care of your existing clients,
they will generate more new business than any kind of
advertising campaign ever could.
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