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December 23, 2011, 9:40 am
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Above and Beyond: Holiday Style

Have you heard about the recent rash of “Layaway Secret Santas?”

“A secret Santa has paid off about $8,800 in layaway bills for 23 Walmart customers in Ohio.


The manager of the store west of Cleveland tells The Chronicle-Telegram that the man, who wished to remain anonymous, said it was too hard to pick just one or two accounts to settle. He paid for the toys, iPods, TVs and other merchandise with a credit card on Saturday.


Secret donors have been paying off strangers’ layaway accounts nationwide to help struggling families.


A few of the Walmart customers in Ohio said they didn’t have the money for their items when the store contacted them Friday about payments coming due. The manager says they couldn’t believe it when told on Saturday that their holiday presents had been paid for.”

It’s not clear where it started, but it’s being repeated around the country. Sharing stories inspires others to get involved. An Above and Beyond culture grows the same way, through story-telling. There is a sense of purpose, accomplishment and fulfillment one gains by going above and beyond for their fellow man that is difficult to define, yet easily felt.

The following story was shared with us by one of our clients who excels in not just going above and beyond, but in sharing and celebrating their stories. Their location manager writes:

“I’m not sure my colleague wants me to share the story below, but it’s a neat story that should be told. I love it when the lights go on for people to see beyond themselves and they do something for someone else and not expect anything in return. When a person thinks they are doing something good for another person and yet they end up getting just as much joy out of it as the person they helped.


Makes me proud to be a part of a company that not only encourages above and beyonds, but in fact, celebrates them. It is life catching and makes our company not only a better place, but our communities a better place. “

“So I’m super pumped right now so I had to share it! You told me to do something good with my bonus, so I did.  I asked all my employees if they knew of anyone that did not have a tree this year.  One guy’s cousin just moved here and is a single mom with two kids.  She did not have a Christmas tree for her and her children, so I went and got her one. Ornaments and hot cocoa for the kids and delivered it to her house with her cousin in tow! Wow it felt amazing, I mean truly different.  I have always done charity things with my Masonic Lodge, but for some reason this felt different.  She started crying and the kids were so happy! Sorry I know I am ranting but wow talk about the energy! Ok ok I am done just had to share. Have a Merry Christmas!”

In the spirit of the season, we’d love to hear your stories! Please share your holiday above and beyond stories on our Facebook Page Wall for others to read and share.

You never know who you’ll inspire.

Wishing you, your colleagues, family and friends an abundance of
joy, peace, and prosperity!

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