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A title with a promise

Chief Xperience Officer
If you are really serious about customer service in your organization, then take the advice of my good friend Jim Gilmore, co-author of Experience Economy and Authenticity, who recommends having a Chief Xperience Officer.12 To eliminate confusion with the CEO, Gilmore recommends using the acronym CXO. It is a total paradigm shift in the way corporations think and view their level of customer service. Instead of it being an expense, they need to view it as a necessary investment.
This position and title would be oversee the company’s most important function: the satisfaction of their customers and the future direction of the organization’s customer service evolution.
The CXO should be responsible for:
• Ensuring that service is one of the company’s hiring standards.
• The development and marketing of the Service Vision.
• Ensuring the equal representation of the experiential component along with the other five: physical, atmosphere, functional, technical, and operational. (See Chapter 7.)
• The creation and evolution of all the company’s customer experience cycle and nonnegotiable standards.
• The service training of new and existing employees.
• The implementation and execution of these standards.
• Service recovery training and systems to ensure the organization is zero risk.
• Creating an above-and-beyond legacy.
• The measurement and accountability of customer experience.
Basically, these are all of the 10 commandments to providing a world-class customer experience that customers are willing to pay a premium for.

A Title with a Promise
Some companies give people titles that reinforce their purpose. Here are some additional examples of job titles that demonstrate a promise to the company’s Service Vision:
• Director of First Impressions
• Director of Customer Loyalty
• Director of Satisfaction
• Experience Guide
• Secret Service Agent
• Secret Service Specialist
• Head of Secret Service
• Director of Secret Service
• Secret Service Ambassador
• Chief Customer Officer
• Director of WOW
• Daymaker
• Indulgence Office
• Your Best Friend
• Head of Customer Intelligence
• Director of Employee Loyalty
• Chief Visionary Officer
• Director of Employee Morale
• Chief Brand Officer
• Head of Customer Intelligence
• Chief Visionary Officer
• Chief Brand Officer
• Your Escape Ambassador
• Rejuvenation Specialist
• Director of World Class
• Overachiever Specialist
• Director of World-Class Experiences

A Greeting with a Promise
I also love greetings that reinforce the company’s Service Vision. Here are some examples:
• Whatever whenever
• How can I make you a raving fan?
• At your service
• Anything is possible
• How may I start your world-class experience?
• How can I make you a customer for life?
• Yes is the answer
• World class starts here
If you are a guest at W Hotel, and you call the front desk from your room, the front desk answers, “Whatever, whenever.” If it happens to be 10:35 AM, and you want breakfast but breakfast ends at 10:30, how can they say, “Sorry you are five minutes too late,” after answering the phone “Whatever, whenever”?

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