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Service Aptitude Test on your Non-Negotiable Standards & Secret Service Systems

Commandment III –
III. Nonnegotiable Experiential Standards
Experience standards everyone must follow

Answer the following true or false. This test will show you were you have opportunity for improvement in your non-negotiable standards & Secret Service Systems.

1. Our organization is excellent at creating relationships.
2. Our personal service is not overshadowed by our
technology (i.e., automated services).
3. Our company distinguishes between operational
standards and experiential standards.
4. Our company has nonnegotiable customer service
standards at every point of customer contact.

IV. Secret Service Systems
Utilizing customer intelligence to personalize their experience
and engage and anticipate their needs

1. Our employees use positive language and always avoid
saying “no” to the customer.
2. Employees are warm and welcoming and smile during
customer interactions.
3. We use a unique process to manage new customers
differently than existing customers, i.e., provide
additional information, directions.
4. Employees introduce themselves to each customer
they have an encounter with.
5. Employees mention the customer’s previous purchase
history, personal preferences or other information
that has been acquired in the past.
6. Our employees record customer preferences.
7. Employees remember and use the customer’s name
2 to 4 times during each encounter.
8. Our company has a clear system for acknowledging
VIP customers that even new employees are able
to follow.
9. We have a VIP program to provide special perks for
our top customers.

Based on the Company Service Aptitude Test by The DiJulius Group ( from the best selling book What’s the Secret?

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