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Service Aptitude Test on Creating on your culture

Commandment II –
Creating a World-Class Internal Culture –
Attract, hire, and retain only the people who have the Service DNA

Answer the following true or false. This test will show you were you have opportunity for improvement in creating a world-class customer experience.

1. We have a daily staff meeting with employees, in person
or by phone, at the start of each workday/shift.
2. Our company’s culture was created intentionally by
design with constant focus on company values, not just announced.
3. Our employees police each other on meeting customer
service standards.
4. Our internal/employee culture is very strong.
5. Prospective employees go through multiple interviews
before being offered a position.
6. It is more difficult to obtain a position in our company than our competitor’s because of our strict hiring
process and expectations.
7. Our company/department is not understaffed.
8. Turnover at our organization is significantly better
than our industry standard.
9. Customer service skills are a major part of our hiring,
screening and selection process.
10. Customer service is a key factor in our review and
promotion process.
11. All applicants are prescreened with a required customer
service test.
12. Customer service standards and expectations are
discussed during the interview process.
13. It is clear to prospective employees that failure to
meet customer service standards will prohibit
long-term employment.
14. Our company is proactively hiring.

Based on the Company Service Aptitude Test by The DiJulius Group ( from the best selling book What’s the Secret?

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