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Rapid Decline in People Skills

Another reason why we are in the midst of a customer service crisis is the fact that the younger generation has underdeveloped people skills. Today, we have one-twentieth the human interactions that we had back in 1991. We can thank technology for this situation. Here are just a few examples of the eroding people skills in our society:

We Once Had Now We Have
Movie theaters Netflix
Corporate offices Home offices
Public schools Home schools
Seminars Webinars
Bank tellers ATMs, direct deposit, online transfer
Full-service gas stations Pay at the pump
Phone calls E-mails and text messaging
Check-out clerks Self-checkouts
Families interacting Cell phones, iPods, game boys,
instant messaging

Think about this: If today’s younger generation lacks the skills gained from human interactions, who is responsible for improving their people skills and increasing their service aptitude? The businesses that hire them! We can’t skip this generation and hope the next will be any better at people skills.

We need to have better training programs, not just training on product knowledge and the technical side of the job, but also training on the soft skills. The companies that deliver world-class customer service are the companies that understand this fact and provide training in customer service skills.


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John- I totally agree with you. It is much more difficult to find young people who get enjoyment from conversing with people. This year I just started thinking about adding etiquette class to my training rather than technical only.

Comment by Dr. Lil Vogl

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