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Become a certified Secret Service Agent

World-Class Customer Service Training and Certification

Become one of a handful of elite Secret Service Certified Agents to go through this one of a kind customer service training program taught by THE authority on world-class customer service John DiJulius. At the end of this intensive course, with fewer than 12 participants per class, you will:

  • Be a Certified Secret Service Agent TM
  • Facilitate the Customer Experience Cycle workshop TM to companies in any industry
  • Train other trainers on world-class customer service
  • Know the secrets behind John DiJulius’ world renowned keynote presentation and how to deliver it
  • Receive all tools necessary to create your own keynote – including facilitator guides and handouts-
  • Gain rights to the use of the Secret Service logo TM and digital tools
  • Get special Secret Service Agent TM discounts and incentives on conferences, additional training, services and products

These customer service training programs are based on the ‘Secret Service’ methodology by John DiJulius. Learn to produce, facilitate and present some of The DiJulius Group’s most sought after customer service systems like:

  • Secret Service Methodology™
  • Secret Service Systems™
  • Secret Service Keynote™
  • Customer Experience Cycle™ Facilitation
  • Implementation of Secret Service Systems™

Taught by world renowned speaker, consultant and best-selling author John DiJulius EXCLUSIVELY, this train the trainer program will provide the tools necessary for you to become a specialized customer service trainer in any industry.


  • OCTOBER 3 & 4: Secret Service Certification™

  • OCTOBER 5 & 6: Presentation Skills



  • As an exclusive member of this elite group of uniquely skilled customer service trainers gives you professional independence and strong credentials
  • You’re able to create, develop or improve your own customer service training system at your organization
  • Share the importance of delivering the best in customer service through a powerful keynote presentation to audiences both internally and externally

For details and curricula click here for PDF download


  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Business owners
  • Leadership Teams


Whether you’re new to public speaking or looking to polish your skills and learn to create speeches more efficiently this class will leave you inspired and moving forward.

Why be a speaker?

Speakers change lives, impact people immediately and leave a lasting impression. With after attending John DiJulius’ presentation skills class, you’ll learn:

  1. What makes a great speaker
  2. What makes a great speech
  3. How to effectively use powerpoint in a presentation
  4. Preparation
  5. Storytelling
  6. Humor
  7. The evolution of a presenter
  8. Life presentation

We’ll also look at

  • What to avoid
  • Challenges presenters face and how to overcome them
  • Different speaking styles
  • Rules of preparation, the secret to knowing how much time should go into each presentation
  • How to engage, lead and interact with you audience

John will share with you the structure outline he uses to create dynamic presentations This Presentation structure will serve as an effective tool to guide you from ice breaker to strong close and the important steps in between. Through exercises and role-playing as a group and as individuals you’ll have lots of practice time in a safe, encouraging environment.

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