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Power to the People

Power to the People – A decade ago we saw a massive decline in face-to-face interaction due to the dramatic increase in the e-commerce boom. However, today, social media has brought back a huge shift of people-to-people interaction. Social medial represents a gigantic power shift back to the consumer. Consumers have more direct, daily contact with other consumers than has ever been possible. More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word of mouth.  I recently read an article on, “How Social Media are Amplifying Customer Outrage,” that illustrates the power of the customer’s voice today.  One example they share is the recent bad press Netflix has received and how that has exploded on them.  By now you have heard about Netflix increasing their prices 60%. (How could you not?) Netflix had to staff hundreds of extra customer service reps to handle the incoming calls of irate customers.  But today is a different era.  It didn’t stop there; they also had to deal with 4,000 negative posters on their blog. If that wasn’t enough, they got 80,000 posts on their Facebook page.  These social media outlets allow customers to voice their dissatisfaction and gain momentum like never before.

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