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World-Class E-commerce: E-Commerce non-negotiable standards: called me

World-Class E-commerce – Too often the only companies that concern themselves with excellent online customer service standards are companies that have ecommerce as their primary business. However, every company today has an ecommerce presence. Regardless if your website accounts for a minor percentage of your sales, it is one of your biggest marketing and branding tools. World-class service cannot stop at the brick & mortar.

E-commerce non-negotiable standards – One of my biggest complaints about most websites is trying to find a company’s phone number. Typically it is buried somewhere on the contact page. Borrowing a best practice from, I made sure that our phone number was clearly displayed on every single page.

A Big Wow – Like, is another world-class ecommerce site. I purchase things from Amazon every single week. Recently I realized after I made a purchase that I had selected the wrong product. I cringed. Immediately I started thinking how to fix this over the internet? It is never easy. Do they even have live people answering the phones? I almost thought it wouldn’t be worth the 20-30 minutes I was convinced it was going to take to resolve this, and it would have been easier just reordering the product I wanted and eating the wrong purchase I made. However, I decided I would put minor effort toward rectifying the situation. I immediately found a “Customer Service” link, which brought me to “How would you like to contact us” with three options: e-mail, phone, or chat. I clicked on “phone.” This brought up “Have us call you right now,” with an area for me to enter my phone number and the choice to “Call me now” or “Call me in five minutes.” I typed in my phone number and selected “Call me now” and within seconds my phone was ringing. My issue was resolved in a few short minutes. What a wonderful experience and surprise! Review how much effort it is for people to make contact through your website.

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