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Experience Tax | Dan Pink’s findings | Tom Peters

Exercise of the week– This is a great exercise for both leaders and front-line employees. Have your team work in small groups of 5-10, and tell them effective September 1, 2011 your company is permanently instituting an “Experience Tax” of 5% for every transaction/invoice. The “Experience Tax” is solely for the experience your employees personally provide, including genuine hospitality, and direct engagement with customer. Have them brainstorm for 20-30 minutes and then share what are they going to do differently and more consistently regarding how will they surprise and delight your patrons and build emotional connections so that not one customer will complain about the experience tax. When they are done sharing and you have written down all their answers, they will be shocked to see that more than 95% of the list will cost next to nothing, yet be extremely easy to do.

Resource of the week – What are the top three things that motivate people, more specifically– your employees? Let’s see how well your answers compare to author Dan Pink’s answers on this video. ( The findings from his extensive research are startling and a real eye-opener. I guarantee you will be surprised and want to share it with your entire management team.

Quote of the week – Don’t build monuments to yourself, build them to others, those contributions we wholeheartedly acknowledge will literally follow us into machine gun fire. Tom Peters

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