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What is the Service Aptitude of your employees?
July 27, 2011, 12:19 pm
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It is all about “Service Aptitude” of each and every employee, starting with senior leadership down to the front line. As manager’s we get frustrated by how employees handle situations, however what most companies fail to realize is nearly every employee starts off with low service aptitude. Service Aptitude is a person’s ability to recognize opportunities to exceed customer’s expectations regardless of the circumstances. Service Aptitude comes from two places; 1) life experiences & 2) previous work experiences. I don’t believe in the golden rule, because i don’t want my front line employees to treat high end customers & guests the way they are used to being treated. Good chances they have previously worked for a manager who was policy driven and was paranoid that every customer was trying to scam them. The employee now has that mentality and we have to have constant training and awareness to how a world-class customer service organization treats their customers & employees.

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