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Our Army is Getting Bigger – The Revolution is Getting Stronger
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John DiJulius

John DiJulius

We are excited to share with you that The DiJulius Group has added two Revolutionist, who can help us on our mission to Change the World by Creating a Customer Service Revolution.

We take this extremely seriously, which is why, in the last few years, we have dramatically broadened our reach and resources. We now offer public seminars, called the Secret Service Tours, that are held in different cities throughout the US. We do this to make it more affordable for companies to bring their management teams to experience our World Class Customer Experience workshops.

We also have our annual Secret Service Summit every November. This is an exclusive two-day event solely focused on the world-class experience, featuring over 10 speakers who are leading authorities, best selling authors and brand executives of world-class customer service companies, and we’ve added Secret Service Certification.  The certification course now enables companies to send someone on their staff to be trained by John to present the Secret Service keynote and also facilitate the Customer Experience Cycle workshop.

Nicole Flesher
Nicole Flesher

However, we realized that still wasn’t enough.  Given the economic climate these past two years, the value of customer service has never received more attention. As a result, The DiJulius Group has grown exponentially — in spite of the recession! Companies have realized that there is no greater asset in any economy than customer loyalty. And the ones not only surviving, but thriving, in these times are the organizations committed to truly providing a world-class customer experience.

The only way we can handle this increasing demand is by bringing aboard two Revolutionist! These speakers/consultants can provide the necessary depth required by our attendees, and help with the increased demand on The DiJulius Group from so many companies that already recognize the benefits from adopting our program.

These revolutionists not only can help provide an alternative when John DiJulius is booked and unavailable, but they have lower price points, which allows more companies the opportunity to receive The DiJulius Group’s resources and systems.

Jeff Nischwitz
Jeff Nischwitz

Who are these Revolutionist?
We have been extremely selective in whom we have added to our team.The DiJulius Group Revolutionists are outstanding presenters certified in Secret Service Systems and the facilitation of the Customer Experience Cycle workshop. In addition to their certification, they have also undergone extensive personal training sessions with John DiJulius. Both have an extensive background in customer service, not only as a service provider, but also as a trainer and presenter.  We have spent the last two years training them on our philosophies, concepts and systems.

It gives us great pleasure to announce The DiJulius Group’s Revolutionists: Jeff Nischwitz and Nicole Flesher. Find out more about our Revolutionists

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