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World-Class Service

Advantages to Providing World-Class Service

John DiJulius

John DiJulius

Are you willing to ask your customers to pay what they think is fair for your services? Whenever I get to this section of my presentation, I get the biggest moans. Right away my audience starts thinking how badly their customers could take advantage of them. For years now, I have had it in my contract and final invoice, “Please pay what you think is fair of the invoice.” This ensures I work extremely hard to bring my “A” game to each organization for which I am working. Otherwise a client of mine can pay me $1.00. Of the few hundred clients who have had the chance to “take advantage of an opportunity,” not only has no one ever paid me less, but recently one organization paid me $5,000 more! When we inquired whether it was a mistake, they responded, “The invoice said to pay what we think is fair.” Instead of worrying how badly you are going to get ripped off, maybe you should be considering how well you can be rewarded for being World-Class.

Beat the Greet

Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

Hotel Del Coronado

This past spring break, my family and I enjoyed a week’s vacation at one of the resorts I work with– the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado Island, San Diego. The Del is one of the finest resorts in the United States, and one that prides itself on legendary customer service. One of my takeaways was how every associate greeted us as we passed them by — before we could greet them. I have always preached the “10 feet greet.” When you come within 10 feet of a customer, you should greet that person. But after my experience with The Del, I came home with a new, non-negotiable standard: Always Greet First. Never allow a customer to greet you first.

Think about it. If every one of your employees were trained to beat the customer to “The Greet,” it would create a pretty strong service culture. At many businesses, some employees do not even greet at all, let alone first or second. I even told my three sons that no one should ever say hello to us before we say hello to them, not only people we know, but strangers on an elevator or passing by on the street.

~John DiJulius is the Chief Visionary Officer of The DiJulius Group

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