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Comcast renames Customer ‘A**hole Brown'; Paying less than $16 an hour not fair; you might be a bad boss
February 4, 2015, 4:33 pm
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Comcast at it again - Comcast had to be thrilled when 2014 came to an end, since it had one of the worst Customer Experience years to remember. However, they are starting off 2015 in similar style. Many times Customers are upset when they get their cable bill because of the unexpected charges they incurred. This time a Comcast Customer was irate when he received a bill, but it wasn’t because of the dollar amount. It was that his name was changed from Ricardo Brown to “Asshole Brown.” It appears that a Comcast employee changed Mr. Brown’s name in their system after the employee unsuccessfully tried to persuade him renew his contract. When the next bill came, his name had been changed. Making matters worse, Brown told Elliott that calls to the cable company and even a visit to a Comcast office couldn’t get the name changed. Comcast confirmed to The Huffington Post that the bill was real, and said the company was taking action. Read full story 

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Paying Less than $16 per hour Not Fair - Some 5,700 Aetna employees received a substantial base-pay increase of $16 per hour because “paying them less was not fair,” says Chairman and CEO, Mark Bertolini. “Here we are, a Fortune 50 company, and we’re about to put these people into poverty, and I just didn’t think it was fair.” Bertolini says it is time for a paradigm shift in corporate America and his company is leading the charge. “We’re going to invest in them. We’re going to give them all a chance. We’re going to educate them into a new way, but we needed to engage them first,” he said. “That population was too worried about whether or not they could put food on the table, whether or not they could afford health insurance.” Bertolini explains, “We’ve sort of destroyed business after business in this country by looking at spreadsheets with numbers we call truth.” Instead, enterprises should consider both the hard and soft benefits that come with wage and benefit increases, including savings from lower turnover costs. Aetna spends about $120 million in expenses associated with rehiring and retraining each year, he said. 

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The end of Customer service training; No magic bullet; Calls still rule
January 28, 2015, 8:17 am
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No more training needed - We have heard it all: “I don’t have time to train our employees on Customer service” or “Customer service training is too expensive” or “It doesn’t work, they just go back to their old habits anyway” and “We do train them, on the first day of orientation we tell our employees to exceed Customer’s expectations.” So we listened and are helping you eliminate the need to train your employees on the art of Customer service. The vast majority of businesses view Customer service training as an expense versus an investment and barely train their employees on the soft skills, relationship building, and service recovery anyway. So instead of fighting the battle of the old-thinking paradigm, The DiJulius Group has come up with a revolutionary, back-through device that will eliminate the need to train your employees on Customer service and you actually will get better results! Sounds too good to be true? Introducing the ZAPPER! 

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More important Hiring or Training? Attitude Wars
January 22, 2015, 7:18 am
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The following is content taken from John’s newly released book The Customer Service Revolution: Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World (January 2015 Greenleaf Books) Which became an instant best seller on Amazon.


What is more important: Hiring or training? This topic is probably the oldest and biggest debate in Customer service. What is more important: How well you hire, or the training and culture you bring your new employees into? While both are very important, 75 percent is the Customer service training and service culture of your company. Do you really think that Disney has found and hired fifty thousand amazing service-minded people? There probably aren’t fifty thousand people walking the earth who were born to serve. Companies like Disney find good people and put them in such a strong service and training environment that doesn’t allow for or accept anything less than excellence. One of my favorite lines is, ‘that Walt Disney World organization doesn’t put their people in Disney, they put Disney in their people.’


Attitude wars – In a blog post titled “The Truth About the War for Talent,” author Seth Godin writes about how HR departments like to talk about engaging in a war for talent; however, it is really about finding good enough people at an acceptable rate of pay. What I like to call “reactively hiring anyone,” or “hiring anyone with a pulse.” Godin points out it shouldn’t be a search for talent-but rather a search for attitude:


There are a few jobs where straight up skills are all we ask for . . . What actually separates winners from losers isn’t talent, it’s attitude. And yes, we ought to be having a war for attitude . . . The best news is that attitude is a choice, and it’s available to all. You can probably win the war for attitude with the people you’ve already got.

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The 6 Components of a Customer’s Experience; True Gratitude
January 13, 2015, 2:38 pm
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Customer loyalty is your organizations strongest asset. 2015 has to be about how you are going to make your Customer Experience your distinct competitive advantage. Before you can move forward creating a strategy, your leadership team needs to give your Company’s Customer Experience a checkup to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. 
The Six Components of a Customer’s Experience 
In order to create brand loyalty and Customer evangelists, you must operate at a high level in six distinct areas of business and constantly evaluate your company’s Customer experience across each category: 
1. Physical: Deals with the actual brick-and-mortar component of your operation. These are the physical elements that are more permanent or long term, that cannot be changed daily. 
2. Setting: Refers to the controllable setting you create daily. As Disney says, “Everything speaks from the doorknobs to the dining rooms sends a message to the guest.” The setting communicates a message about what you can provide your Customers. This isn’t always visual, it may be the music your Customers hear when they call and are placed on hold or the mood your web site creates. The setting reveals the characteristics of your business as they appeal to the five senses of your Customer: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. 


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Top 8 eServices of 2014
January 7, 2015, 5:22 pm
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In case you missed it - The 8 most popular eServices of 2014 were the following. (I suggest printing them out, reading and sharing them with your management team.)


1. The 9 things your Customers do not want to hear – The majority of employees at most businesses uses these phrases. Make sure they are not being said by anyone at your organization. The 9 things your Customers do not want to hear


2. 10 stories how “policy” will kill brand loyalty – Customers hate hearing the words, “Our policy is…” and even worse, employees love to use it as a crutch. Remove ‘Policy’ from your company’s vocabulary. 10 stories how “policy” will kill brand loyalty


3. How can you be the company your Customers cannot live without? The more people you can make feel like they cannot live without your brand, the closer you are to making price irrelevant. How can you be the company your Customers cannot live without?


4. Call Centers are dead – Often the contact/call center is the only interaction Customers ever have with companies, which would then make sense that organizations should ensure they have an incredible experience. Unfortunately, that is typically not the case. Call Centers are dead

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3 Amazing Holiday Service Stories; The 3 must read books for 2015
December 17, 2014, 5:03 pm
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Need to get into the holiday spirit and be inspired to go Above & Beyond for your Customers? Check out the following three holiday stories:

1)     Christmas Flies to the Dominican Republic – WestJet has done it again. Last year the Canadian airline shocked travelers by asking them to share their Christmas wishes with an electronic Santa on their departing flights and had those gifts waiting for them by the time their flights landed. This year WestJet brought Santa Claus, snow, a ton of gifts — and most importantly — a Christmas Miracle to the people of Dominican Republic. Check it out!

2)     Police pull over drivers and give presents instead of traffic tickets – The Police Department of Lowell, Michigan, stopped unsuspecting drivers for minor traffic violations and then engaged with them about how their Christmas shopping was going and what their family would like for Christmas.  Listening in were Santa’s, who quickly went to local stores purchasing, wrapping and delivering the presents to the officer and detained driver within 15 minutes. In all, some 50 drivers received about 30 presents worth about $7,000 and most importantly, no tickets! You must watch this amazing surprise.

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Top 8 Customer Service Stories of 2014
December 9, 2014, 5:30 pm
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Top 8 Customer Service Stories of 2014 – Check out 8 of the best Customer service stories of 2014:


1.     The world’s friendliest restaurant - Tim’s Place is a unique, full-service restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving breakfast, lunch and HUGS! Owner Tim Harris. was born with Down Syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped Tim from creating the world’s friendliest restaurant.


2.     Pilot buys pizzas for inconvenienced passengers - After sitting on the tarmac for a couple of hours, a Frontier Airline pilot decided to buy pizza for nearly 160 passengers out of his own pocket. Frontier Pilot buys pizzas for all passengers


3.     ATM (Automated Thanking Machine) -A bank thanks their most regular Customers in the most personalized and heartfelt way, by turning their ATMs into “Automated Thanking Machines”.

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